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The Importance of Choosing The Best Pick Up Laundry Service in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley

Owning a washing machine it’s quite common for Malaysian nowadays. It gives you the convenience of simply throw in a load of clothes into the washing machine, and either pull them freshly from the dryer. However, in today’s busy world especially people who live in the city like Kuala Lumpur or Klang Valley, overworked people are increasingly and we are discovering that there is a better way to solve your laundry task.

A laundry pick up delivery service gives more convenient to your busy city life especially the one who lives in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, it saves your quality time for the more important task. The process of laundry pick up delivery is so easy, all you need to do is simply pack all your dirty laundries into the laundry bag and place it outside your door, and the clean and folded laundries will be returned back to your door steps. However, not all laundry delivery services are the same which is why choosing a pickup delivery laundry service is very important. Here is what you should ask when deciding on a laundry delivery service.




Time Factor

Most people’s first consideration is how long it takes to clean, fold, iron your laundry and deliver to your door steps. Always be ready, so you don’t have to be afraid of a sudden dinner date or a sudden business meeting arises, and your favorite outfit is not ready to wear because of cleaning in progress. My Online Laundry Service will return your clean folded, iron laundry just within 48 hours from the pickup.


Quality Guarantee

It is important to note that laundry services are not super bleach cleaning that bleach off all the stains. We always try our best efforts to remove the stains but some stains simply cannot be removed. You have the rights to expect that your garments will be returned as clean as new. Ask them about your recourse is if there are still loads of laundry comes back dingy, wrinkled, or otherwise unsatisfactory.


Scheduling Options

It’s important to find out are the options for scheduling a pickup delivery laundry service. Always ask about the availability of the service. Either pick up every day? or Twice a week? Ask them can you set up a daily or weekly basis schedule, or should you call for a pickup arrangement each time when you need the service? What if you need some extra pickup now and then? Or Maybe if you are going to a vacation and you plan to suspend the services? The more flexible the scheduling, the more likely it is that the service will genuinely meet your needs. My Online Laundry Service provides unique personalized pickup and delivery laundry service in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley by following your schedules. What if you go on vacation and need to suspend services. My Online Laundry Service provides unique personalized pickup and delivery laundry service in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley by following your schedules.


Personalist Processing

Everyone’s preference regarding on their laundry needs is different. Some people are allergic to certain detergent. And some prefer their clothes to be air dried rather than using the dryer. Some are concern about their clothing materials, so they prefer using cold water. But some of them prefer using hot water for their laundries for cleaner clothes. It is important that your laundry delivery service can and will meet them, all times. Do remember to let your laundry delivery service know your preferences.


Dry Clean Service

Most of the manufacturer has their labels on their garments with the washing, drying and ironing instructions. The labels are designed to keep the garment last longer. If your wardrobe is full of clothes that labeled “Dry Clean Only”, it is important to look for the right laundry service company that provides professional dry cleaning service. At My Laundry Service, our staffs are professionally trained on all the services we provided.


Price Concerns

Price is one of the most important concerns for many people. All the prices are different from each laundry service company. So it better to call a few laundry services in your area to compare the prices. It does not necessarily to choose the shop solely on price, but some offer very cheap service it might not meet your standards. However, some offer the price that is significantly more expensive than their competitors which are not worth the extra investment. Look for a laundry service company that offers mid-range of a price.


Free Delivery

Some laundry service company may offer FREE pick up and delivery if you spend a minimum amount that the laundry company set. It’s depending on the laundry service company too. Some company might charge a minimal pick up and delivery fees if they did not reach the minimum spend. At My Online Laundry Service, we will provide FREE pick up and delivery with the minimum spend of RM50 with any of our laundry service in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.


Privacy Considerations

Everyone keeps laundry personally, and nobody likes to share their laundry with others especially with strangers. But we couldn’t expect the laundry service company will clean your laundry separately. So it’s better to look for a company that respects your privacy. Certain laundry service company does not respect their customers by airing your linens in the public or behave disrespectfully, that should not be tolerated. And of course, respect should go both ways. Always, look for the professional and trusted laundry service company.


Other Services

There are various reasons for you to visit the dry cleaner. Most of the dry cleaner company provides various services. My Online Laundry Service offers skilled shoe repair, handbag and jacket repair and polishing services. Which makes any of shoe or handbag looks brand new!


Payment Option

It’s quite common nowadays for Malaysian to make their payment using online. So this payment option is a key question for you. Call up the dry cleaner or laundry service company to make sure they have various payment options. Either is Cash on Delivery? or Bank in Transfer? or Credit Card? Be sure to ask for the payment option before asking them to pick up your dirty laundry!



At My Online Laundry, we have provided pick up delivery laundry service in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley with affordable and eco-friendly services. We prioritize the quality and customer need on any service we provide. Contact us today via email at info@myonlinelaundry.com or via phone at +6012 6351130 for more information.


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